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11 | X-Factors

This is excerpt is from our chapter on taking risks:

"A willingness to take some big risks is definitive of the life of every man and woman who has ever loved, obeyed, and accomplished great things for God. Noah risked building an ark in the middle of a desert. Abraham risked uprooting himself from Ur and striking out for lands unknown. Then he risked granting Lot the fertile land of the valley. Then he risked his son’s neck on the altar. Joseph risked displeasing Potiphar’s wife. Moses risked making stuttered demands of the most powerful man alive. Rahab risked housing the spies. Joshua risked marching around Jericho weaponless. David risked fighting Goliath to the death, and then risked letting Saul live. Ruth risked a night at the foot of Boaz’s bed. Daniel risked a night in the lion’s den. Elijah risked drenching the altar with water. Nehemiah risked rebuilding the walls of Zion. Esther risked making herself known to the king. Nathan risked confronting David. (Abigial, too.) John the Baptist risked calling Herod out on his sexual sin. The woman with the issue of blood risked grasping at Jesus’ robe. John risked standing by Jesus’ cross. Nicodemus risked asking for Jesus’ body. Ananias risked walking into a room with Saul the assassin, then Barnabas risked befriending him, then the apostles risked giving him the right hand of fellowship. And he – Saul become Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles - never stopped taking risks that might advance the cause of the gospel."

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