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12 | Glances

This excerpt is from our chapter on envy:

"I wish, I wish, I wish. This is the natural disposition of our hearts. We are perpetually dissatisfied with the providences of God in our lives, discontent with the sex and capacities and callings and personalities and eye color that He has assigned to us. Dangerously, all of American culture exists to flame these fires of envy. Social media, academia, and Hollywood flood kerosene on envy’s embers. The drum beats daily: what we have is never enough, who we are is never enough. There is always someone else out there who has it a little better than we do. “Look over there. Over there. Over there. Why can’t that be your life?” If we give into this sin, to the sideways glance, we’ll never be the joyful, unified, prolific planters and pastors that Jesus intends for us to be."

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