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14 | Wolves

This excerpt is from our chapter on battling heresies:

"Silencing wolves is no day at the beach, unless that day includes wading out into shark-infested waters with a spear-gun. In our post-modern world, the only heresy is noting that there are heresies, and the only voice to be silenced is the one who believes in voices being silenced. Every time we address a contemporary heresy from the pulpit at Seven Mile Road, all the air is immediately sucked out of the room. The creek of every chair echoes across our 180-seat sanctuary. You could hear a snail fart. It’s not that people are in disagreement with the doctrinal instruction being given. It’s that we are uncomfortable with the whole enterprise of calling spades spades. 'Sure, we believe you, because it’s right there in the Bible, but do you have to say it out loud?' Yes. Jesus requires it of all His shepherds."

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