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15 | Years

This excerpt is from our chapter on giving the work the time it needs:

"Everyone at Seven Mile Road calendars differently. Some of us have super neat, color-coded Google calendars with every waking moment scheduled out eighteen months in advance, busy stretches looking like someone threw a bag of Skittles at their screen. Others have a paper-and-pen handwritten system that travels with them everywhere and is harder to decipher than a message to the Red October. A few have a giant calendar with cat pictures tacked to the wall in their kitchen. Some, when you ask where they keep their schedule, gently tap at their temple. But regardless of our eclectic congregation’s preferred method for keeping organized, we talk schedule with them a lot, because we’ve learned that having healthy people and healthy church cannot happen without giving our work the time it requires. Here’s how we say it: We are all-in, as long as it takes."

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