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18 | Team

This excerpt is from our chapter plurality in leadership:

"If you spent some time around Seven Mile Road, you would notice that almost all the gospel ministry that gets done around here gets done in the context of teams. Seven Milers who are super different from each other in personality and family background and level of foodiness and musical tastes and preferred time of day to work and personal hygiene somehow work together for the glory of God and the good of the people we’ve been given and are sent to. We’ve got Americans, Brazilians, Puerto Ricans, Hatians, townies, transplants, night owls, early risers, TB12ers, Beachmont Roast Beefers, mountain climbers, beach bums, on-timers, and fashionably-laters, all working side-by-side for gospel advance. Our church is led and governed not by a super-rockstar-top-of-the-pyramid-quasi-pope but a pastoral team. That pastoral team is assisted by two diaconal teams. Our thriving Student Ministry is run by a team. Our leadership development tracks are led by teams of two (not one) leaders. Compensation is set for our pastors by a team of our members. Our curriculum is chosen by a team. Our songs are selected by a team. Even our lawn is mowed by a team."

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