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20 | Speed Bumps

This excerpt is from our chapter on loving the weak:

"Jesus of Nazareth never said a bland word. (I love this about Him.) Every one of his sermons, parables, promises, comforts, and woes were so beautifully, forcefully, and eternally true that his listeners were perpetually rocked by them. No one ever dozed off when Jesus was at the mic. Listening to Jesus preach was like strapping in on the wildest thrill ride at the amusement park: superhuman torque, unexpected twists and turns, and a few moments where the whole world gets turned upside down. Yes, you’re hurting a little when the ride is over, but you still spring back in line to go on again, and again, and again, because there’s nothing else like it. If you do own a red letter Bible (probably not a good idea as all the words of Scripture are equally divinely inspired and binding on our faith and practice) and you ever find yourself reading those red words with a yawn or a shoulder shrug, something is terribly wrong. His words are supposed to jolt us, every time."

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