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21| Super Glue

This excerpt is from our chapter on generosity:

"Have you ever noticed how people suddenly beam get when they are given even the most inconsequential trinket? We took our family to Florida for vacation once and attended a Miami Marlins game (along with maybe 900 total other people). No one made sound when the Marlins got a hit or turned a double play, but when the cheerleaders emerged onto the promenade to shoot free tee-shirts at the crowd, you would have through Jesus returned. Everybody began jumping and shouting and jockeying for position to catch a cheap black shirt co-branded by the local erectile dysfunction clinic. If you want to see Seven Mile Road people happy, have free Kane’s Donuts in the foyer on a Sunday. I get excited when the guy at Trader Joe’s offers me a paper bag. We are convinced: receiving is best."

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