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6 | Tears

This excerpt is from our chapter on emotional investment:

"No one has ever been more emotionally invested in their work than Jesus of Nazareth. Read the gospels. Jesus emotions were moved, constantly. He was warmed by the Centurion’s faith, frustrated by the Apostles’ unbelief, and angered at the desecration of His dad’s house, and delighted by Zaccheus’ humble repentance. And, don’t miss it: Jesus wept. In Luke 19 we see Jesus about to enter Jerusalem, the city of God, for the final time. He pauses on Mount Olivet, and weeps. Jerusalem mattered to Jesus. The city was supposed to be receiving and crowning Him as Lord that week, but instead they would betray and murder Him, and then get overrun 30 years later by the Romans. The city of peace was rejecting the means of her peace. Jesus did not shrug his shoulders over this. He shed tears over the city."

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