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1 | Spin Class

This excerpt is from the introduction:

"Eventually, the same thought that hit me in that spin class ran through my mind: “Is it common for a man to die in the planting of a church?” If you mean that in the best, most gospel sense of the question, then the answer is yes. Planting a church will kill you, in the best possible way. It will ring you dry of every ounce of smugness and self-sufficiency you own. It will rip that sexy prospectus you meticulously designed right out of your hands, toss it in a dumpster, and set the whole thing on fire. It will send a guillotine clear through every one of your expectations. It will expose you for the fragile, petty, self-interested sinner you really are. And yet - and here is the glory, not only of the gospel itself, but of gospel ministry as well - it’s right at the point where we lose our lives that we finally find them. Once the seed is dead and buried the tree can grow. After death, life."

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