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Table of Contents

Why I Wrote


How This Book Works    

Spin Class    
Church will be death.

On recognizing the cost ... and paying it anyway. 
“I do not account my life of any value, nor as precious to myself” v 24

Church can be life.

On keeping gospel grace central to everything.
“I commend you to God and the word of his grace” v 32


Church can be holy.

On the relentless pursuit of personal holiness.
“How I lived” v 18


Open Books
Church can be honest.

On moving people from “all-set” to “you-know.”
“You know” v 18, 34


Church can be humble.

On having no rockstars but Jesus.
 “With all humility” v 19


Church can be invested.

On giving ourselves emotionally to the work.
 “With tears” v. 19


Church can be resilient.

On not avoiding opposition.
“Trials that happened to me through the plots of the Jews” v. 19


Church can be bold.

On having hard conversations.
“I did not shrink from declaring” v. 20, 27

Church can be anchored.

On loving and leading from the words of Scripture.
“Teaching you in public and from house to house” v 20
“Remember the words of the Lord Jesus” v 35


Church can be missional.

On moving toward folks who aren’t there yet.
“Both to Jews and to Greeks” v 21

Church can be daring.

On taking risks.
“Not knowing what will happen to me” v. 22

Church can be content.

On embracing our callings and capacities.
"My course and the ministry I received” v. 24


Love Letters
Church can be warm.

On stirring our affections for Jesus’ people.
“Care for the church, which He obtained with His own blood” v. 28


Church can be orthodox.

On fighting heresies and those who tout them.
“Fierce wolves will come in” v. 29



Church can be durable.

On marrying frequency and longevity.
“For three years I did not cease night or day” v 31

Fresh White Kicks
Church can be simple.

On refusing materialism.
“I coveted no one’s silver or gold or apparel” v 33


Church can be close.

On living in supertight community.
“These hands” v 34


Church can be united.

On working together for gospel advance.
“Those who were with me” v 34

Church can be ambitious.

On breaking a sweat.
“By working hard” v 35

Speed Bumps
Church can be compassionate.

On not running people over.
“We must help the weak” v 35


Super Glue
Church can be generous.

On giving (literally) everything away.
“It is better to give than to receive” v 35


Church can be dependent.

On actually praying.
“He knelt down and prayed” v 36

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